14 day project day 2

Day 2:

My internet was down, had to wait for 10 more days for my pay check to arrive and  re-active it

So for day 2 I meditated.

After talking with the professor I learned someone else has attempted this before but was unsuccessful so I tried to improve the method and maximize my results.  Upon waking up everyday, I would spend 5 minutes and mediate. In my mind I repeat nothing but the word “money” and I associate the word with a pleasant feeling thus generate a positive wave.

Today was the first day, not much significant results.


Day 3

same meditation but money didn’t just flood in. I have 11 more days to go until my pay check arrive so I was not expecting any extra income to go my way.

Perhaps it is this expectation of not receiving that hinders my mind gathering. I will improve  my thinking even further tomorrow.


Day 4

I paid 35 dollars for gas today.

and spent 1.07 after tax for a twix bar.


Day 5

My laptop arrived.

I paid 957 at black Friday and it took out about seven days ago I believe?

Still not quite what I had in mind but it is still a form of consumerism acquisition so I decided to include it here.


Day 6


My mom paid my tuition for me!

I was totally expecting to pay for this on my own but after I asked for a loan because my pay check has not arrived she decided to just pay for it instead.

still not in the form of paper money I had imagined but this is still money.

Maybe I am getting somewhere.


Day 7

no association with money today.

I went to school, came home, did homework and slept.


Day 8

I was almost late to professor Barney’s class today so I didn’t have time to meditate.

I paid 2.75 for a pack of bubble gums though.

that’s money lost, not gained.

I’m starting to question the validity of this brain wave again.


Day 9

Friday, I stayed home.

Didn’t go anywhere. no work, no school.

I meditated extra hard though.


Day 10

After going out to eat with my friends, Fernando covered our tab.

so basically I got a free meal from him, I love saturdays. However next time or the next next time i’ll have to treat him back some day so I don’t really see this as a money coming my way.  Still it is something so i included it.


Day 11

I worked overtime today. Kaven did not show up so I had to cover his shift. my normal shift on sunday is about 6 and half hours, but today I worked 8.5

that is the money I worked for, not the “free and effortless income” I had imagined though.


Day 12

I paid another 35 dollars for gas….and 7.89 for combo dish at a Korean BBQ restaruant.

so far I am not having a lot of money swing my way.

Things seem to be more expensive everyday.


Day 13

Finally got my pay check today. I’ve been restraining my spending. once again this is the money i worked for, and I did not receive a huge amount.

so far it doesn’t seem to be working but according to the book in chapter 6 a reason for failure is because the user does not think positively.

either way, now I can activate my internet and I’ll have it back up by tomorrow.


Day 14

Today I went home for dinner.

My mother had a tennis match and I went to support her.

Even though she lost she was quite cheerful about it. I saved a little on grocery money but I don’t want to think of my parents as a source of income. Either way, I paid all my utility bills and made a plan for this month’s possible spending. There was a surplus.


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