14 Day project

There’s a paradox in quantum physics world called Schrödinger’s cat. To put in simple terms it is called a thought experiment. When a cat and a leaking toxic gas container is put in side a box that’s not observable from the outside, the fate of the cat has two possible destinations.  Either the cat is killed by the poisonous gas or the cat survives. Until someone opens the container and peaks inside, the cat’s fate is uncertain to the world.  While the box remains closed, the cat exists in a so called “super state” that is both dead and alive. Reality of the cat’s fate is determined only through observation. The moment any form of observation is made to determine the cat’s condition, a reality is created. Due to our observation, nature is forced to collapse into one reality. Therefore, many questions can be spawned from this experiment. Reality only exists when it is observed and things are the way they are due to the perception of the observer for they are an outcome of a conscious being.

There’s a book called “The Secrets” that talks about laws of attraction that’s generated from positive waves emitted by our brains. Long story short, it claims that if a person thinks positively and since the positive things attract each other, good things will happen to this person. Skeptics have called this book a scam because it is a form of brain washing. The believer is convinced that every good thing happen is because of their positive attitude attracted fortune. Even within great sadness, the believer who practices this thinking will assume the bad things are actually good; however, this is just an explanation of random events, it does not disproof the laws of attraction introduced in this book.

So my question and goal of the 14 day project is this; can our perception alter reality? If I observe reality from a difference perspective, can I truly affect my surroundings?  During these 14 days I will conduct an experiment each day to change my point of view on nature and see whether my mind can bend reality or I just convinced myself into believing so.


Day 1:

So today I tried to do some research regarding the book “The Secrets.” Though I don’t have it, there are summaries of chapters online which I can read.  It is a interesting hypothesis regarding the positive brain waves but I still think it is a matter of perception instead of reality altering power. Chapter 3 claimed it works on a general level that what the mind concentrates on do not always happen or appear. So now I have to change my tactics because my original plan was to try out a new experiment every day but since this brain wave will only take effect after a long term trail, I must concentrate on something that lasts for 14 days.

hmm….I’ll think about it tomorrow.


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