WA #7

Today we value the Europe centric vision of beauty for women; tall, slim, pretty and blond is the ideal type. Deep down we know woman from from all race can be attractive and that all women are beautiful in their own right but due to the path of history our preference has been conditioned to one certain type. As a result many fashion styles worn by women of color have been disregarded.

Minh-Ha T. Pham’s website aims to credit some fashion choices that were ignored by history.

I picked this picture because it’s rare for a woman to dress in a man’s clothing, business man’s clothing. In addition she’s an African-American which completely challenges the old image of a white man in a suit.

The lady in this picture is very pretty. She’s attractive without fancy make ups nor excess exposure. Her choice of clothing is also very practical as described in the post, she makes up her own style while makes most of the practical uses of her wardrobe. There’s something expressed in this picture that’s been long lost in our culture. She obviously feels confident in herself without make ups nor additional items. To be contempt with oneself and smile so naturally at a camera, it is a very nice attribute to have.


The long forgotten afro! Although I would not try out the style for myself, because it’s quite trouble some in my opinion, it’s part of our history. Black people’s air are all very curly, something I noticed. The puffy looks of the…80s is quite amusing. You don’t see this very often, in fact I’ve never seen one person with this hair cut in my life. It’s very memorable, and definitely would be a challenge to modern day fashion ideals.


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