Major Post #3

I have heard many times that America is a melting pot; The land of the free where people of all races come together and merge as one.

That is however, a very common misconception. America is the front line of racial conflicts.

Because the differences between races are so noticeable here, there are more disharmony between each group than anywhere else. In a country where they are less racial groups, people will not categorize each other by race. There will be no struggle of power between races. Racism is  so noticeable in America because there are more people of variable ethnicity here; however,  facing racism right now is not such a bad thing. why? well let me explain.

Human beings are learning, constantly evolving and the earlier we face racism the faster will be able to put the matter behind us. Just like making mistakes, the younger a child makes bad decisions the earlier he or she will learn the lessons of life and avoid similar stumbles that will have large impact in adulthood. Human beings are still young, relatively, and so far we haven’t faced any significant threats that lead to distinction, so it is better we can all these problems out of the way first and learn to work together as one race. Nevertheless, problems are problems which should be dealt with actively and racism is a problem.

Today I’d like to talk about one group in particular, Asians. I believe Asian is a more interesting group for a simple yet complicated reason, they seem to be overcoming the discrimination. Racism is associated with power, a systematic structure that puts one group above all others thus granting them the necessary control to live better. In America Caucasians are normally in a dominating position, while African-Americans and Latinos are the next largest majority, Asians are portraited to be more well off than other people of color. As a counter argument to the racism is structured politically, Asians as a group of color have succeed due to their intellect and effort and any other ethnics that aren’t doing so well aren’t trying hard enough. Such wealthy image of average Asian families is misleading, made to deny the existing racial inequality.

Taken from, there’s this post called “We are the 99% Chinese-American,” are some photo that correct represent the majority Asian families.

There are plenty of Asian-Americans in poverty, but as an attempt to redirect racial discrimination their existence are denied. These photographs were taking at the “Chinese Progressive Associations” which organized low-in come families, many of those are immigrants who live in San Fransisco. They have” their own depressing, heartbreaking but inspiring stories to tell.” Struggles and hardship transcend races and genders but the system created so a selected group of people receive most benefits from society.

Degrasian site is a great websites that points about family false ideology Asian-Americans face and attempts to point out all the flaws our society has grown to accept. The site was created by two young Asian American girls named Jen Wang and Diana Nguyen. They upload blogs daily about some of things they feel strongly about.

Sometimes racism is expressed so subtle, it’s implanted into our thoughts and we don’t even know it. Another blog on the Degrasian  site called ” No Racial Drag This Halloween, Please (Okay, Maybe Just A Little), in which describes costumes people wear during Halloweens that are offensive but unknown to the user. The picture above shows a man dressed up as a suicide bomber. Not all mid-easterners are terrorists, but they’re often associated with them, especially the suicide bombers. Although not a glorified culture, it is still part of mid-eastern culture and for someone to create a joke out it is very hurtful. Even I did not notice the discriminating content within these outfits until I read this article. Little things like this just shows how racism has made its way into our society and quietly turning us against each other. People who are on the opposite end of these jokes society gives consent to can feeling the agitation but to those who enforce them, it’s only a different sense of humor. They do not acknowledge nor respect anothers’ perspective.

Race does not exist as a biological distinctions nor does it have a scientific definition. It is constructed socially, a categorization created to divide us. What is suppose to be one race, is now ranked into many different levels. Due to these fabricated differences, human beings are constantly being put down and oppressed. The methods of oppression is powerful yet elusive. If we don’t actively point out the problems like these blogs have mentioned, then we will never move on from this stage of self-loathing. Humans will not come to an understanding nor acceptance and we will continue to divide ourselves until hate overtakes us.


One thought on “Major Post #3

  1. 88/100
    Overall, this essay is quite good. Portions of the essay could be clearer, but the general ideas are good and it makes good use of posts from the blogs discussed in class in order to challenge the myth of America as a melting pot.

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