IAT test Experience

I took 3 of the IAT tests and two out of the three times I was shocked by the results.

apparently there are much more to me than I realized.

Some of the results were a little “embarrassing” so I will not share the detailed content but if the test truly works then what we choose to believe are rather different than what our mind actually does on its own.

I think in all of our hearts there’s a ideal person whom we all try to be but are unable to mimic completely,  much like Plato’s “allegory of the cave.” Being less than our ideal person,we perhaps try to lie to ourselves about who we really are in order to become  that much closer to that person in our mind. There are ideals or philosophy we try to defend but haven’t accepted completely ; nevertheless, I stand up for what we choose to believe.

Many times I have found myself arguing against what my heart is telling me but repressed that feeling because I believed what I was defending was right and that this guilty or sense of dissatisfaction is evil. By debating against my heart I tried to get rid of old believes and force adopt a new philosophy.

however, often times that self fabricated sense of justice never plant a root in my virtues. Deep down, I’ve always known what I truly believed in but chose to ignore.


it was a very enlighten test, however since now that I know how it works, I don’t think I can learn much more from it because I will be able to frame my mind in such a way that I’ll even be able to cheat it.


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