Scavenger Hunt Experience #1

It was my first time playing the Scavenger Hunt and I was quite amused by it. The group was
consisted of strangers thus not everyone felt comfortable with each members and the
atmosphere was a little awkward; nevertheless, I enjoyed the experience immensely.

If I had a second shot at the hunt I would try to warm up to my team members
quicker. To appease our strange fellowship then perhaps more people will
speak up and contribute their ideas.

we did not really have any strategies. It was a roughly planned route to the nearest
bus stop with several detours to grab a few extra photos along the way. Surprisingly
it worked out better than expected. We somehow managed to accumulate several unexpected
pictures that met the given conditions. Even on our way back we found one of the cut up
picture right outside the class room.

we did not do extremely well but reached a satisfying conclusion. If I must name
one problem is that most our gain were harvest through luck. It is not dependable
and I would not count on the same strategy to come through a second time. Also
the resolve of my team was not strong enough. Had we decide to run toward our targets
we might have gather much more but I don’t blame them, I didn’t feel like running

My group and I did not have any obstacle in particular. But a few individuals did
go out of their ways to approach others and had some good results. More over the
entire group was quite cooperative, all were open to suggestions and we worked swiftly.
Though the plan was vague and unorganized, it was carried out efficiently.

I think more heads definitely would bring in more ideas though I did believe more
people is a bad thing because everyone has different opinions and it’d be harder
to cooperate with group of strangers who are uneasy with each other; however, because
we are not used to each other’s presence everyone tried hard not to offend
another or behaved more politely at adopting someone’s suggestion.
The experimental result completely over thrown my logic.


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