Superhero assignment

The superhero I created is named


my drawing ( took me over 3 hours…sketches and other things)

a professional version, obviously not mine, but it’s what I modeled after… with a mechanical arm.


  • two daggers with magical powers that only he can use


  • He can transform into a gust of Wind like a dark, shadowy shade.
  • telekinesis
  • He’s a fallen angle so he’s  capable of magic,  immortality and great intelligence.

Once he was an Arch Angle, name Darres Hei,  who enforced peace and law in heaven; however, after millenia passed he observed God’s lenience on humans who continuously to commit evil deeds and questioned the ultimate authority. One day he saw the super villain “Grim law” who’s about to kill an innocent civilian after escaping the prison for the sake of a vehicle. Darres Swooped down from heaven and smite the convict, instantly ended his life. After the incident God summoned Darres for questioning.  Darres explained the execution of Grim was necessary because he was a habitual violator of the law who if merely put back into jail will only escape again. By sparing his life, Grim will live on to commit more violent crime and put more innocent lives at risk, mercy upon the evil means cruelty to the innocent. God explained divine intervention conflicts his gift of free will to humanity,  that God gave all mortals the chance to live freely and to repent their sins before their lives run out. Unconvinced by God’s ideals, Darres was cast out of heaven, for heaven will not sustain disharmony,  to learn the value of life and earthly morals until the day he will ascend to God once more.

Satan saw the opportunity to trick Darres into becoming his mercenary in the mortal realm thus rendering him free of heaven’s control. He explored the pleasure of complete freedom, both physical and mental. Restrained by no moral obligations, Darres ran amok. He caused huge havoc in hell but ultimately regained his humanity and reached enlightenment. Hhe eventually developed his own sense of justice and tried to eliminate satan,  the supposed source of all evil. Unable to control nor destroy the missionary from heaven, satan banished Darres out of hell as well.

Unchecked by both heaven and hell, Darres is left to purse and enforce his own vision of justice on earth. He lived on to battle the forces of evil; however because his actions are not defined by traditional definition of right and wrong, he inevitably faced opposition from the forces of righteousness as well, the Justice league.

Amidst all his struggles, Darres is always looking for the answer; he  needs to find the delicate balance between free will, righteousness, and evil. Only then can he return to heaven, but even then he fears, whether will he still want to return to heaven.

Under the disguise of Liu He ( lol, I can dream can’t I?) by day, Darres named himself ShadoWind because shadow is the embodiment of both light and darkness and wind implies the ideal of freedom. Having been to heaven and hell, Darres learned the secret arts of both sides. Not wanted in hell, not ready to return to heaven, Darres is also incapably of death. He conjured two daggers by harvesting the energy of heaven and hell, one cuts all that he deems evil and one cuts all that he deems unreasonable.

He also loves his humi 1 professor because she is a very nice teacher who hands out A’s when her students deserve them. (jk jk, but seriously though)

And so, the legendary journey of ShadoWind begins…


IAT test Experience

I took 3 of the IAT tests and two out of the three times I was shocked by the results.

apparently there are much more to me than I realized.

Some of the results were a little “embarrassing” so I will not share the detailed content but if the test truly works then what we choose to believe are rather different than what our mind actually does on its own.

I think in all of our hearts there’s a ideal person whom we all try to be but are unable to mimic completely,  much like Plato’s “allegory of the cave.” Being less than our ideal person,we perhaps try to lie to ourselves about who we really are in order to become  that much closer to that person in our mind. There are ideals or philosophy we try to defend but haven’t accepted completely ; nevertheless, I stand up for what we choose to believe.

Many times I have found myself arguing against what my heart is telling me but repressed that feeling because I believed what I was defending was right and that this guilty or sense of dissatisfaction is evil. By debating against my heart I tried to get rid of old believes and force adopt a new philosophy.

however, often times that self fabricated sense of justice never plant a root in my virtues. Deep down, I’ve always known what I truly believed in but chose to ignore.


it was a very enlighten test, however since now that I know how it works, I don’t think I can learn much more from it because I will be able to frame my mind in such a way that I’ll even be able to cheat it.

Scavenger Hunt Experience #1

It was my first time playing the Scavenger Hunt and I was quite amused by it. The group was
consisted of strangers thus not everyone felt comfortable with each members and the
atmosphere was a little awkward; nevertheless, I enjoyed the experience immensely.

If I had a second shot at the hunt I would try to warm up to my team members
quicker. To appease our strange fellowship then perhaps more people will
speak up and contribute their ideas.

we did not really have any strategies. It was a roughly planned route to the nearest
bus stop with several detours to grab a few extra photos along the way. Surprisingly
it worked out better than expected. We somehow managed to accumulate several unexpected
pictures that met the given conditions. Even on our way back we found one of the cut up
picture right outside the class room.

we did not do extremely well but reached a satisfying conclusion. If I must name
one problem is that most our gain were harvest through luck. It is not dependable
and I would not count on the same strategy to come through a second time. Also
the resolve of my team was not strong enough. Had we decide to run toward our targets
we might have gather much more but I don’t blame them, I didn’t feel like running

My group and I did not have any obstacle in particular. But a few individuals did
go out of their ways to approach others and had some good results. More over the
entire group was quite cooperative, all were open to suggestions and we worked swiftly.
Though the plan was vague and unorganized, it was carried out efficiently.

I think more heads definitely would bring in more ideas though I did believe more
people is a bad thing because everyone has different opinions and it’d be harder
to cooperate with group of strangers who are uneasy with each other; however, because
we are not used to each other’s presence everyone tried hard not to offend
another or behaved more politely at adopting someone’s suggestion.
The experimental result completely over thrown my logic.