scavenger hunt

uploading all the scavenger pictures we took today

Sleeping in the library…in the middle of the day! (  she’s actually a really nice person…shhh)

We couldn’t find a duck but we found a Turtle?!

a small cup

Stop sign infront of a bus stopstopception

She really is  April

I forgot who she was…but she’s important

Camera too high tech, we couldn’t fit 2 people and

the computer in.

a very cute dance…done but a cute girl and  two ____ guys

2 black honda civics


Humi 01: Creative Minds

Liu He

God Bless America

Never had so much fun doing homework

the photographers themselves put limited creativity into them but the contents are creative

and very funny

this one is not so creative, but funny never the less

if homework is ganna be like this for the rest of the quarter, I don’t think I can last much longer. Losing sleep surfing the web, too addicting >.<